Dick’s faith is at the center of his life and serves as a guiding force in all his decisions. For Dick, honoring God is not simply running through the motions of religion, but living a life that glorifies Him.

In his book Rediscovering American Values, Dick wrote “I believe that the more I can do to help others develop greater faith, the more I am encouraging them.”

His faith was shaped growing up in a Christ-centered home with parents who recognized they were “sinners saved by God’s grace.” Dick’s parents set an example for him and his three siblings, living a model of faithfulness every day of their lives.

Dick was raised in a family that valued faith, freedom, and family, and he and Betsy share these values with their own children Rick, Elissa, Andrea, and Ryan, as well as their grandchildren.

Dick DeVos with his sons, Ryan DeVos and Rick DeVos.
Dick DeVos with his daughters, Elissa DeVos Lowery and Andrea DeVos Abraham.

Faith and family are also the cornerstones of Dick and Betsy’s philanthropic giving. They strive to be faithful stewards and focus on cultivating leadership and transformation through organizations that are near and dear to their hearts.

Following in the footsteps of our parents, Betsy’s and my faith has inspired our giving over the past 30-plus years,” said Dick.  

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