March 12, 2015

Dick DeVos Weighs in on House of Cards, Family’s Chicago Cubs Purchase

Dick DeVos is a fan of the Chicago Cubs, but not the political drama House of Cards.

That makes sense, since his family bought a stake in the former and the family business was joked about by the latter.

DeVos says the popular Netflix series fails to give a fair representation of politics or the Amway Corporation.

“Obviously, they are not bound by the truth, if they want to start calling Amway names,” DeVos said during a radio interview on Michigan’s Big Show starring Michael Patrick Shiels. “Clearly, it’s not about truth, it’s about entertainment. So accept it for entertainment, enjoy it for entertainment value.”

The direct sales giant co-founded by his father, Rich DeVos, is described as a “pyramid scheme” in a scene in the Netflix series’ first episode of its recently released third season.

DeVos’ comments come after Amway criticized the show for inaccurately linking the nearly $11 billion global company to an illegal racket.

Aside from the dig at Amway, the former 2006 gubernatorial candidate isn’t impressed with the dark drama about the rise of a political power couple to the White House.

He and his wife, Betsy, the former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican party, have only seen a few episodes, he said on the syndicated radio show broadcast Thursday, March 12.

“The people we’ve met in politics and the many years Betsy and I have been involved in politics – the vast majority just like the vast majority of people across Michigan are really great people,” said DeVos, whose comments about House of Cards can be heard here.

During the 15-minute interview, DeVos also talked about his family recently acquired stake in the Chicago Cubs.

Rich DeVos and his family, who own the Orlando Magic NBA team, are one of six new minority owners whose investment will help fund $375 million in renovations to Wrigley Field.

Controlling interest of the Major League Baseball team remains with Thomas S. “Tom” Ricketts and his family.

“We are pleased to have a very small piece of the Cubs and to be in partnership with the Ricketts, who have done a remarkable job with the team, and are really committed to frankly making history,” said DeVos, whose comments about the Cubs can be heard here.

He praised the Ricketts’ efforts to update the historic Chicago baseball park while preserving its intimate feel for fans.

DeVos added that when he thinks about his memories of going to Wrigley, they aren’t about a particular baseball game but time spent with his family and the memories created.

“Tradition is alive and well at Wrigley and amongst the Cubs,” DeVos said. “Cubs fans are enormously loyal.”